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Across the country, a trend in innovative schools’ offerings have remained tightly coupled with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math—the STEM subjects. While these 4 disciplines are important, they are not enough. The disciplines of Art & Design, from the humanities and social sciences, paired with STEM approaches ensure the development of learners who are creatively confident problem-solvers and problem-seekers. That is why we saw the need to add Art + Design to the equation — to transform STEM into STEAM.

During our inaugural year, we will have two phase. In phase 1, our TK-3rd grade students will begin and continue the school year at Rio del Sol, 3001 Ventura Road, Oxnard, CA 93036. Our 4th-6th grade students will begin the school year at 3 Rio del Sol satellite sites. 4th grade will begin the year at Rio del Norte School, 2500 Lobelia Drive until October. 5th grade will begin at Rio Lindo School, 2131 Snow Avenue until October. And, 6th grade will begin their school year at Rio del Mar Elementary at 3150 Thames River Dr until February 2019. All satellite schools are located Oxnard, CA 93036. Although there will be three physical locations, our Learning Guides are carefully planning events, curricular projects and investigations that tightly integrates TK-6 students in order to begin the year strongly by co-creating a unified and thriving community of learners.
Phase 2 will begin in February 2019, when our 6th graders will physically reside at the Rio del Sol site. This will be an exciting time as our ‘elders’, our 6th graders, will ‘come home’ and continue the spring semester toward an amazing end-of-year activities. The 6 graders will then promote to 7th grade, thus pioneering the the creation of our middle school.

Rio del Sol is a public school. RDS serves families from within the River Park and Wagon Wheel neighborhoods, families from across the school district with intra-district transfers, and, families outside of the district with inter-district transfers.

Presently we do not offer foreign language instruction.

When you enter a Rio del Sol learning studio, it should not be readily obvious what all students are learning; but what should be obvious is that students are engaged in challenging diverse and complementary inquiry projects, and have the ability to tell you exactly what they’re trying to solve in the moment and why it matters. Our students, educators and partners will embrace the diverse STEAM disciplines in a philosophy we have developed called Trans-Disciplinary ResponsiveDesign, or transD-RD, whereby teachers expertly co-engage and co-construct with their students learner- and community-centered inquiry projects driven by overarching questions.

No. We do have a dress code, which can be found in the student/parent handbook.

Yes, a tea of Learning Guides and community members are currently developing our STEAM programming. Stay tuned.


Underlying Rio del Sol’s endeavors are our 5 C’s: Creating, Caring, Collaborating, Communicating, and Critically Thinking. These important practices are foundational to being able to understand and access the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards. The 5 C’s and CCSS/NGSS standards are brought to life when Learning Guides, students, families and the broader community work together to create authentic and responsive learning experiences, which truly spark students’ interests and passions.

At Rio del Sol, our Learning Guides (teachers) and students will co-construct the curricular experiences through developing over-arching and driving questions. The driving questions determine the trans-disciplinary practices, which the students will engage in, all of which are aligned with district and state learning standards.

Yes, (We need to set up sign-in form to go to my Office Manager)


Yes, (We need to set up sign-in form to go to my Office Manager)


Rio School District arranges all transportation for students who qualify.

Families who reside with the Rio District can avail themselves of the bus transportation provided by the District.

For the first weeks of school, we will have a mobile kitchen café to serve our meals. Students will eat their meals in the cafertia. Both breakfast, lunch and snack will be available.

You can reach your principal, Dr. Ralph Córdova, via email at .More details will be provided soon.


Rio School District’s student demographics comprise approximately 80% Latino, 15% White, and 5% Asian (Need to get correct demos from district)

Yes, more to come.

A group of parents, teachers and students are presently working on the PTSA bylaws. More information will be sent home soon to encourage a robust participation.

Yes. In fact, a PTSA is being created.


Student accounts and passwords will be created and provided by the school district.

Learning Priority is Rio School District’s innovative communication platform that brings into one place, spaces for Learning Guides and students to plan curriculum tied directly to the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards; reflect and self assess; perform ongoing reading and writing practice; as well as generate ongoing formative assessments such as report cards.